Thursday, 31 March 2011


ARGGGGH. If you look back at this post you will remember how much i LOVED those shoes. I didn't buy them because my house/bills rinsed me dry. I literally look online everyday to make sure they are still there haha and NOW they are reduced to £15 each, im SKINT and my family have gone on a cruise, selfish whores. And to add insult to injury, i have recently ordered a dress to match them (that's how convinced i am that i will have them in my life) well i say dress, it's an oversized nude blouse which is fucking phenominal. Im aware of my language, it's 'passion'. Honest. God should just take me now, a life without those shoes, isn't worth living.


Rant over.

Ps - New job is AMAH-ZING! Loves it.
Pps - Going to the races soon, Haydock park i think - what the fuck does one wear?

Staaaaaaay Fabulous!!!

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Ahhhhhh im so excited :) As you may have read, i applied for a job at a nursery within a private school. I really really wanted the job, and after an interview, trial afternoon and a week of waiting, i have just recieved the phone call i have been craving. They do everything by the book, so apply for references BEFORE offering the job to somebody, and turns out my references were great, they were impressed and I GOT THE JOB!!! I start on Monday, and it feels like a massive fresh start.

Positives -

* I will meet new people, make new friends (hopefully, haha)

* Be able to go shopping with a lovely wage EVERY month (this is a novelty for me, it has either gone on my house/bills or i was only part time because of uni)

* I will be able to get my laptop fixed, or buy a new one (i think the motherboard has died, booo! always reminds me of the episode in SATC)

* I can join the gym, get fit and slim down wooooooooo!

* I can start saving and BOOK NEW YORK!!!!

* I will be financially independant for one of the first times in my life

I am seriously so happy right now, it isn't just a job, it's a whole new beginning (and there will be PLENTY of cocktails along the way...)

I am also planning on doing a GIVEAWAY to celebrate reaching 50 followers. What sort of things would you like to see? It won't be anything really exspensive, but i think it's more the thought that goes into it. I want it to be a giveaway with lots of little treats, a piece of jewellery, make-up, face masks, maybe something from LUSH? Sweets, accesories... we shall see, i have lots in mind! Watch THIS space!

I hope you are all loving the sunshine (if your lucky enough to have it) What are your plans for the weekend? I will hopefully be celebrating somehow!

Stay fabulous...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Her name was New York, New York...

Hello Angels - this is another high-spirited blog post from me today, feeling rather chirpy :) The sun is shining wooooo! That always puts a smile on my face.

Firstly i'll just waffle abit about my weekend. Basically, i've only just recovered haha i went to a pretty hectic house party on Saturday, where drinking games were involved. I have never done (and intend on never again doing) THAT many shots in my life, not even in Ibiza. It was insane. I crawled home with my friend at 8.30am Sunday morning (dirty stop-outs) and stayed in bed ALL day, the only thing that helped me to partially recover was the rest of my premature easter egg! I have now sworn off alcohol for atleast another week. Also, i had my trial afternoon at the amazing nursery i want to work at yesterday. It went really well but i STILL don't know if i've got the job :( im hoping to find out this week sometime, again, fingers crossed!
What did you get upto this weekend? Anything fun?

So, my post today is some exciting news (not that it's booked yet) but im looking at going to New York over Christmas and New Year for 10 days. Hoping to go on like the 23rd of Dec, have Christmas eve and day there, and come home the 2nd of Jan meaning i would be spending NYE in TIMES SQUARE BABY!!! Just wondering if anybody had been to NYC at this time of year, or at all? What are the best things to do/see? I have a few things in mind, Sex And The City tour, Helicopter tour, Rockfella centre, Ground Zero, Macy's/Bloomingdales, Liberty island, drink cocktails, eat cupcakes and PARTY!!! etc. It will be me and my best friend (who is a guy) we're both into the same sort of things - so suggestions please peeeps!

Oh, just realised i missed out the most important place of all i will be visiting, TIFFANYS ♥ ♥ ♥ and yes, i will attempt to re-create the infamous 'Breakfast At Tiffanys' scene, avec moi (à la croissant and coffee in hands) whilst lusting over diamonds and platinum. Sounds perfection. And no, saleswoman glaring at me through the window, i will not be giving a shit whilst doing this.

I literally cannot wait for it to be booked, i just really hope it happens. It is going to be abit pricey, and means i will only be able to have one holiday this year instead of a few, but heck, it will be worth it.

I saw these whilst browsing NYC related things, they look amazing.

The city that never sleeps.
Excitement is an understatement.

I will definately be visiting here.
(Cupcake bakery featured in SATC for those who aren't in the know)
Finally, a woman taller than me.
Anybody for a Cosmo?

Advice/Tips/Thoughts on New York? Get scribbling and let me know.

Stay Fabulous...

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Love for Louboutins ♥

I have been wanting a pair of 'classic' shoes recently, and i have decided after looking at Kurt Geiger, Manolos and Jimmy Choos, that the only route to take is the good ol' fashioned Christian Louboutins.

So this is the pair i have been lusting over - yes the pricetag is abit hefty, but don't they just ooze class and glamour?

I need these shoes.

I hope everybody is well, i had my first proper girly night for the first time since i've been back home last night - it was so much fun! We had a massive sing along, ate pizza, sweets and easter eggs (very premature, i know) and other various junk swished down with lots of rose wine, apple sourz, and i think there was some vodka involved? It's all a little hazy haha! Im at a friends house party tonight which will invole more copious amounts of alcohol - looking forward to it already!

Oooh i've just remembered, my interview. I was ment to tell you how it all went! Well firstly, i was told that the nursery is one of the best in Lancashire, but you have to see it to really believe it, it was insane. It was like a mansion, it was huge, along with all the acres of land they have which also includes (remember this is a childrens nursery) 4 donkeys, 100 free range cockerels and chickens (some are exotic) 4 goats, 4 rabbits and a massive gardening area where the children are taught and encouraged to grow fruit and vegetables, with a giant greenhouse! I was in awe! I have only known nurseries to have a pet goldfish or guinea pig (which to be fair, usually dies and you have to explain to the children how it went to 'goldfish heaven' etc) but yes, the place was insane.

I had to sit waiting in reception which had Mozart playing in the background, which did have a calming effect, because they were running 20 minutes late. When i had my interview though, it went really well, it couldn't of gone any better, and i have been invited back to a trial afternoon on Monday and i will hopefully find out then if i get the job - fingers crossed.

Hope your all having a great weekend whatever you're doing,

Stay fabulous...

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wooo i've got an interview ♥ (Plus WeightWatchers, Stretchmarks & Jeremy Kyle...)

Hello my fabulous followers - this is yet another hyper post, i don't know where all this excited energy is coming from, but im loving it and hope some of it rubs off on you, especially if you are having a crappy day!

Firstly, as the title says, WOOOOOO I'VE GOT AN INTERVIEW :) Not just any interview though, it's for the best nursery around, plus what makes it even better, is all my gorgeous girlies work there :) We all used to work together in a smaller nursery a while ago, and we were like a little family, but this is a WAY bigger nursery, which means i'd still have the closeness (is it just me, or does closeness not even look like a real word?) of seeing them, but we wouldn't get under each others feet all the time haha! I've only been back in my hometown a week today, and haven't worked for a week and a half and already i am bored!!! I hate not working, and when i see all the scum of Jeremy Kyle who refuse to get off their fat, crack ridden derriers, it really makes my blood boil (hence why i try not to watch that programme anymore) Just a quick one aswell whilst im on the subject, did anybody watch Jezza yesterday? Quite honestly the most appauling thing i've ever seen. Two young thugs, thinking it is completely fine to just go around in their day to day life, holding people at knife point, with machete knives, and threatening them to give them all their belongings and money that they have worked hard for so that they could sell them on and pay off THEIR drug debt. Ahhh, how do people like that exist in this world? It baffles me! Sorry for ranting over a bloody TV programme, but it really got me mad!

Anyway, back to good things - yeah, so i applied for the job that my girls had told me about, and they emailed me an application form back (you have never seen anyone print something out quicker to fill it in, i swear) My friend kindly came and picked it up for me to get it in the next morning. I then received an email that day inviting me to an interview this Friday - woooo! I am really nervous, but looking forward to it and hoping i get the job! Keep everything crossed for me girlies :)

In other news, my 2nd Graze box comes today - finally. They have emailed me three times since my first one, saying that they couldn't send me one because they were out of my favourite treats and i hadn't selected alot of choice, so i've had to choose things for my older brother instead (he's a health freak, who would happily eat rabbit food everyday) Speaking of rabbit food aswell, if i do get this job, the first thing i will be doing is joining my old gym - euurgh, i just got shivers down my spine just thinking about the gym! I seriously need to get fit, i intend to go 3/4 times a week for about and hour and a half/two hours each time, and to accompany this, i will be going back onto Weight Watchers *sigh* i joke, i am actually looking forward to it. I won't be attending the classes, as to be honest it would be a waste of money for myself, because my mum knows weightwatchers inside out and she's my little guru - i say guru, she's the devil on my shoulder..."Do you really NEED that piece of chocolate Laura?..Take the C off Chips, what have you got?...Fridge pickers wear big knickers" haha! Here's a few thinspiration/diet pictures i've just found...

(all photos from weloveit)
Also, and this is quite a big announcement for me to put on here, but i am looking at having (very soon) stretchmark removal 'surgery' - it isn't surgery per se, as it is only laser treatment, through The Harley Medical Group. I have just begun to get very faint ones at the top of my arms, which i despise, so want to get rid of those before they get any worse (especially for summer) i have some at the top, back of my thighs, again which i despise, and my most recent ones on my stomach which HAVE TO GO!!! I had some on my hips which i have had since i was about 13, from when i shot up so tall (im presuming it was that, because i was still thin back then haha) but over the years, they faded and i learnt to live with them. But since getting new ones, through stupidly yo-yo dieting constantly for years, i now want to do something about them. I have tried palmers cocoa butter, and bio-oil and looked into camouflage creams (but they are only temporary) and i have decided enough is enough. I want rid for good, i mean - Harley Medical state that it may only reduce them upto 75%, but i think it's worth it! When i asked my mum to come to the consultation with me, she wasn't too happy, she said i should just accept them or atleast wait until i've had kids - no way, im not planning on having kids for atleast another 8 years, i've got a life to live, and i don't see why i should have to suffer for 8 years, not being able to wear all the outfits and bikinis i want (i think i've talked her round) So i intend on having a consultation a.s.a.p and begin the laser treatment a.s.a.p aswell - hopefully so the course is complete for summer! Im also looking at working away in Ibiza next summer, so that is my ultimate goal to get my body back to a toned hourglass figure that i am comfortable with! Infact, im going to do something even more brave (that glass of water must of had something in it this morning) im going to post a picture (taking in my oh-so glamourous bathroom) of the figure i would like to get back to-ish...

(This was taken a year ago in February, i didn't have stretchmarks on my stomach then as you can see, i was on WeightWatchers and using my crosstrainer, and trying to get slim for Ibiza, if my stomach was more toned, i would be happy with this figure)

Since this picture, i would say i have piled on a good (well, make that bad) 2.5 stone? At a guess, which if im honest, disgusts me - so i am definately on a mission to get back to that, if not slimmer and alot more toned! Im not striving to be 'skinny' or 'thin' because that isn't me, and isn't my body shape. Im 6ft tall and broad, i will never be a matchstick - but i know what im aiming for, a realistic, toned but still curvy, slimmer figure. I'd just like to point out aswell, don't even bother with bitchy comments (this is aimed at people who may view my blog, this is not aimed at my followers) because, believe me - im your worst nightmare :) glad we cleared that up, anywaaay...

Ooh, just thought aswell - did anybody watch that programme with Lily Allen last night? From riches to rags...i absolutely loved it, i think she is so down to earth and normal 'I don't want to be like Madonna..She's crazy' ha, legend. Can't wait to watch it next week! Eeeeh im so sorry for waffling on (again) just having one of those days i guess. So yeah, may that picture be my thinspiration. I don't want to turn this into a diet blog, but i will keep you updated, and let you know how much i lose weekly (i will be weighing myself every Sunday morning) and when i have officially started the diet. I will also keep you updated with the laser surgery, and my interview!


Hope all you beautiful readers have an even more beautiful day,

Stay fabulous...

Monday, 14 March 2011

Happy HYPE (Plus eBay Sale)

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo - just thought i would share my excitement with all you fabulous followers of mine, the sun is shining and i've woken up feeling ever so happy :)

I don't know why im feeling THIS happy, no particular reason, but thought i would try and capture the essence of it within a post whilst i was endlessly looking at crap online (as you do) Does anybody else do that? Just go into a trance, trawling through all your favourite online shops, blogs and random shizzle you find? Anyway, how was everybodies weekend? Fabulous i hope? At first, mine was looking like it was going to be dull (i was moping around in PJ's and my dressing gown feeling sorry for myself) i know, fail. But my girlies didn't give up on me, they showed up unannounced, and brought 2 of my favourite little people :) Kieron (aged 2) and Ella (5 months) who are my friends children, and they cheered me up so much!

I love how children are just so care-free, it's amazing, Kieron just ran around playing with everything he could and chasing my fat cat Kizzy haha, and me and Ella had cuddles on the sofa, i fed her her bottle and she fell asleep on me (blesssss) Later on, i was off to see one of my other girlies, we ate hot waffles with chocolate and toffee sauce AND ice cream, played Just Dance on the Wii - which is absolutely hilarious, if you've never played it then you NEED to, it is awesome!!! We gossiped, sat singing all our favourite songs with the company of her iPhone, and watched trashy comedy. The next day we did our usual routine of a lazy Sunday, pjs and more gossip :) minus the bacon butties this weekend, sob - however hot buttery toast and cold left over garlic bread with cheese is always a winner too, right?

I did a spot of baking on Friday aswell, and i think i have come to the conclusion that just because i love eating cupcakes, does not mean i am good at baking them. I mean, i say cupcakes, these were more like fairy cakes, and when it came to piping on my frosting, well the less said about that, the better! I think i will stick to making savoury meals from now on. Tonight i am making my infamous sticky sausage (Bratwurst) chicken and potatoes! Not to blow my own trumpet, but it's pretty fantastic :) you cut Bratwurst sausage up, raw chicken, part-boiled baby potatoes cut in half, wedges of onion and peppers. Then you make the most amazing sticky sauce ever, pour it over, whack it in the oven for about 45 minutes, and BOOM - taste sensation. Now, your thinking what goes into the amazing sticky sauce im raving about? As my mum says 'anything you find in your fridge/cupboard' not strictly true, but to a degree...the main things i use are mango chutney, sweet chilli sauce, honey, a dash of mustard, chilli flakes, black pepper, homemade chilli jam, dash of Worcester sauce, and sort of anything that fits the bill, but trust me it's immense - ok enough of me trying to make out im frigging Nigela!!!


Like, seriously (said in corny American accent) i CANNOT wait :) :) :) floral prints, denim shorts, Chanel sunnies, dirty wellies, crazy hair, sunkissed skin, frappuccinos, pretty sandals, maxi dresses, floaty dresses, BBQ's, Kopparberg, ice-cream, roadtrips, beer gardens, ahhhhh summer overload - TOO EXCITED!!!! I cannot believe im not going on holiday this year :( well, i haven't booked anything, and it isn't looking likely. Looking back, last year i was so lucky, i went to Germany 4 times (3 weekends in Paderborn and 1 in Dusseldorf) i went to London for a luxury week away, i went to Ibiza for a week, then 2 days after flying home from there i flew out to Egypt for another 2 weeks, plus i went to see Pink in concert, and Florence and the machine, and had a fabulous, trashy weekend at Haven in Scarborough, eeeh looking back it was amazing - can it be topped this year? I hope so!!!

(all pics from weloveit)

Okay, im becoming aware that i really am waffling - but it really is what i do best, i think im just writing down every thought that is popping into my head...oooh thinking of going to New York at the end of the year but i've heard it is FREEEEEEEEEEZING - has anybody been/lived there at that time of year? Is it really that bad?

Ooh, also thought i would inform you all - im STILL going to Glastonbury :) eeep excited! As most of you will of read i was going with my bf, which is obv now my ex, but im still going with all the other people i was supposed to be going with, which makes me happyhappyhappy!!! I need to pay the rest of my ticket off at the end of the month (£150) so i am currently selling my life on eBay to help me raise zee funds. Im selling my Vera Wang vase on there if anybody is interested? Bidding starts at £30 or buy it now £50, also selling a zorbing/sphering ticket for 2 (expires 11th of May 2011) for £50 can be used all around the UK - let me know if you would be interested? (Also you would be helping me go to Glasto which is even better) thinking of selling my Wii console, and clothes/shoes etc. Right, im going to stop waffling now and go and try to do something constructive with my day..

What are you all looking forward to this year? What sums up your summer?

Stay fabulous...

Friday, 11 March 2011

Weekly Wants (Vivienne Westwood Edition)

So this week i have been lusting over a few Vivienne Westwood items that i NEED would like to purchase in the near future...

LOVE LOVE LOVE them all ♥ ♥ ♥

Stay Fabulous...

Introducing my little (curvy) diva...

Hello cupcakes - i hope you are all well :)

I just thought i would do a quick post about my beloved little diva, believe it or not i am not the only one in my household, only this one comes in a smaller, fluffier form and has a tail. Yes, that's right i am talking about my little cat (i say little, we call her 'curvy' or 'plus-sized') We will have had her for 3 years this June, and my god, i have never met a cat with such personality - hence the nickname 'diva'

My family always say that she is me, in cat form, which i find hilarious (yet somehow agree) She struts around like she owns the place, only likes cuddles on her terms, huffs at people if they annoy her (LITERALLY) and always uses her claws if she's pissed off or feeling sly. She throws the funniest dirty looks i've ever seen from a cat, she growls, hisses and LOVES food (she also has a strange dressing gown fetish haha)

Anyway - i would like to introduce you to my gorgeous fat cat diva, Kizzy.

Gorgeous, isn't she? We recently bought her this scratch post, for her 'bitch fits' to stop her plucking my mothers exspensive furniture and new carpet. She loves it already, and i think she finds it therapeutic if im honest hahaha!!!

She also goes by the name(s) of - KizWoz, Fluffy knickers, KizWhizz, Kizzle wizzle with a curly wurly (yes, slightly over the top some might say, but my family are bonkers) Twizzle, Laughing girl, and my personal favourite 'Phsyco bitch of the North West' :)

Do any of you have any pets that have a hilarious personality? Or that you call ridiculous names?

Stay fabulous...


My Graze nibble box

So, as most of you will have read, i recently ordered a nibble box from the natural food company Graze. I know to alot of people it's 'old news' but i had only just found out about it, and as they were doing the offer 'get your first box free, and second box half price' i thought why not give it a go?

When i logged onto the site, i thought 'i hope it's not all rabbit food' but there was alot of choice, with differant flavours and spices. I think the 'Bin, try, like, love' scheme is a good idea on products, however, i really wanted specific things in my box - so i adopted the tactic that if i 'binned' all the stuff i didn't want and 'loved' all the specific items i wanted in my box that i would get exactly what i wanted. Well, clever me, it worked :) you also get the option of clicking 'send this soon' however, on the fresher products, like olives, foccacia, and the flapjacks, this isn't always the option. The one thing i didn't get in my box that i wanted was my foccacia, which i was abit gutted about, but i got everything else:

(Apoligies about bad picture quality)

In my nibble box i had: # Sweet Goan Curry Crackers - these had a really nice texture, not too hard, and nicer for those who prefer a milder spiced taste (basically, if your the kinda chick that goes to a curry house and would only order a korma, these are for you)

# Honeycomb Flapjack - this was to die for, it was really syrupy and moist and even though it is 9.05am i am really craving it!!! The only dissapointment with this, was that im sure there were supposed to be little pieces of honeycomb on top - and there wasn't :( but yes, apart from that, i could happily inhale eat plenty more :)

# Korean Chilli Crackers - now im a girl who LOVES spice, so these for me were perfect (mother goose was also a fan) They had quite a kick for such a small cracker, but they were so addictive, the only bad thing about these, are that there wasn't enough haha! If you don't like chilli, these definately aren't for you, but if you like a small cracker that packs a punch - order these now :)

# Milkshake mix - the less said about this, the better. I had accidently put this in my 'try' list, instead of 'bin' so instead of foccacia, they sent me this disaster (*sulks*) The milkshake mix consisted of dried strawberries (which i can only compare to a lump of jam, you somehow found underneath your sofa) dried bananas, that wern't dry AT all. They were a cross between soggy and hard, i expected those sweet hard ones that i used to give my pet rabbit, but noooo, instead they gave me these little drops of hell. And just when i thought it was going to get better with ginormous 'white chocolate' buttons, i put something in my mouth that can only be described as vom-worthy. White chocolate? I don't think so Mr Graze, it was a cross between a spit up banana from a baby, and a mouldy yoghurt taste. Mmm - NOT.
(Bad picture quality AGAIN, but heres a closer look of my little nibbles)

Rant over about the MM, there may be people out there who love it, but as you can tell, it really wasn't for me. I think the concept on a whole though, having these little healthy snacks for you to graze on throughout the day, sent to either your workplace or home is a cracking idea. At £3.49 a box though, i do feel that they would have to be a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly treat, because to have them everyday on a 5 day working week, would amount to (yes i've done the maths, Carol Vordeman eat your heart out) £17.45, this every month would amount to £69.80 and based on a 48 week year (i've taken 4 weeks off for those who go and drink pina coladas on a hot beach) £837.60 - that is either one MASSIVE Primark haul or the Vivienne Westwood bag i have my beady eye on, and even from that i would still have change. So, unless you are feeling flush (in which case, i would like the VW handbag, a Chanel classic, and a Bentley/Range Rover, cheers) i would suggest just having them every now and again :)

(Demolished, well, all except the manky milkshake mix, how'd you like that for alliteration)

I also love the little booklets you get, the brown one was about the scientific side like blood sugars, and why grazing like cows is good for your body, and the white one (which had my name on, yes the small things impress me) had all the individual nutrition details for each little packet, which i thought was a really good idea, along with 3 perforated pieces of paper with your unique discount code on, and for everyone you give out that gets used, you get a £1 off your next box which i also thought was a good idea :)

So my little lemon drops, what are your thoughts on Graze? Have you ever had a nibble box yourself? Or maybe thinking about trying one?

My discount code is: CK2ZT7P - feel free to use it for your first free box and second half-price box

Stay fabulous...

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Dear white van man...

Hello cupcakes - i hope you are all well :)

This is just a quick post to sum up my day. As most of you know, today was D-day for me, as i left my life in Gloucester to return home after recent events. Now i am well aware i have mentioned this in 2 and a half posts (yes, 'and a half' because technically it was also about Lush hehe) however i will now try not to do posts about this subject, as A) it's my personal life. B) i don't want to bore you all, and C) this is the start of a new beginning now, hopefully the worst is over :) I say this - however, please don't hold me to it haha, if im having a really really down day, i may need to have a little moan - but i'll try not to drag on to much! Again, just another thank-you's to all the comments i keep recieving, they are keeping me going and each one has put a smile on my face, a tear in my eye or a skip in my walk.

I guess this post is almost like closure to me, i just wanted to tell you guys how it all went. The 2 men who turned up to help put ALL my things into the van (i seriously have way to many shoes) where so lovely, and they got it loaded much quicker than i imagined. Once the van was loaded, i did have a knot in my stomach, and a massive lump in my throat - as i knew it was time. Time to lock the door, post the keys back through the letterbox, and say goodbye to that chapter of my life. I felt like i was saying goodbye to so much more than just bricks and mortar though, i felt like i was saying goodbye to tears, the old miserable me, and everything i had fought for, for the last 2 and a half years.

Before i got in the van, i had to take a massive deep breath to keep my head straight, and choke back tears. The man who was my driver was absolutely fabulous, and im so glad i didn't get some 50-odd year old, with crumbs in his beard and an eye for cleavage. My driver was called Paul, and my step-dad (who is wonderful might i just add) had already pre-rung him to let him know this was going to be a very difficult day for me, and my situation. When we got talking, i felt like i had known him ages, like a funny uncle you only see every now and again. We put on an 'Ibiza Anthems' CD and raved all the way home. We spoke about allsorts, family, music, holidays and everything inbetween. It turns out he has a friend in Preston (where i go with the girls for a night out) and he is up here in a few weeks, so he has given me his email address, and im going to show him how to rock it out Preston style!!! Not that he will read this, but i just wanted to say how at ease he made me feel, how funny he was, and how much he took my mind off things - i really did, and do, appreciate it.

When i got home, i was greeted by my family. Everybody pitched in, helping to unload my copious amounts of shoes, make-up and other fabulous belongings. It's officially the start of a new beginning for me now, and im sure it will have ups and downs, but i hope in the end - i will find real happiness.

I can't believe how therapeutic it feels to write all of that down. I've learnt so much from blogging, and i've only been doing it a very short while.

What do you feel you have learnt about blogging so far?

Stay fabulous my little panda-pops...

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Just a quickie

Enter Belinda's fabulous giveaway here :)


Ria's gorgeous giveaway here :)

That is all


Back to the beginning...

Hello lovelies - those of you who have read my last post, will already know that im going through a pretty shitty time at the moment. Just to update you, i officially leave Gloucester, and will be returning back home to my family in Lancashire, tommorow. Im currently feeling every emotion ever created. To try and get me through this difficult time, i am trying to think of positives for the future, even the silliest smallest things like using a new make-up product, or going to Starbucks for the first time in ages - yes it sounds stupid, but it's getting me through the mind numbingly long days im experiencing.

So, to add to my 'positive' list - im going to ramble about some items i am going to treat myself to when i get my next wage. Just before i do that though, i would just love to thank all the lovely, kind people who commented on my last post. I wasn't sure how understanding people would be, as i was really upset when i actually wrote it - but everyone renewed my faith in the human kind, some comments even brought a tear to my eye, really though - thankyou :)

Right, positives. Im a total 'newbie' to all this blogging lark, but there is a clear theme when it comes to the type of blogs i follow - anything to do with make-up, fashion, hair, vintage, baking, cocktails etc. and a theme within these blogs, of what products are the best in the 'blogging market' - MAC, NARS, Lush, Chanel, & Benefit (and a few more inbetween) but apart from the odd bath bomb from Lush, Lipglosses from Chanel & eyeshadows from Benefit, i've never really owned/tried any products which is appauling!!!

When i read other blogs, and some of you have like 25 MAC lipsticks, 10 benefit face powders/primers, 15 Chanel foundations and a billion bottles of Models Own nail varnish, firstly i think 'jealous' and secondly - when the hell did it become acceptable to rob banks, somebody should have told me? Hahaha! You guys must spend a fortune on Make-up, now don't get me wrong i love make-up and have quite a collection myself, but usually my products would come from No 7, 17 at Boots, L'Oreal, Rimmel, Clinique and Avon.

Here are a few products i am already eyeing up from Lush -

I read a really good review (i can't remember whose blog it was otherwise i would include a link) on the Bubblegum lip scrub. Apparently not only does it leave your lips feeling super soft, but tastes amah-zing too :) The other items are Ocean salt sea scrub, Volcano foot mask, Cupcake facemask and Mrs Whippy bath bomb. I think i may end up organising a girly pamper night if i indulge in all of these Lush products :)

I also want to go on a ridiculously massive Primark haul - i haven't been in ages, and you know that feeling when it's like a brand new shop because of all the new stock you haven't yet pounced on, i cannot wait for that feeling!!! I will probably go to Evans, Topshop, New Look, Selfridges and lots of other shops and hopefully spoil myself rotten (since getting the house, i literally haven't been shopping *SULK*) so it will feel like all my birthdays come at once :) I might also take a cheeky visit to Krispy Kreme, and the Hard Rock Cafe for some fabulous cocktails.

What are your favourite products/shops/restaurants?

#PS - My Graze nibble box arrived today (Click here if your unsure what im talking about) It looks really yummy, i've been really good and ignored all the Smurf-like voices shouting "eat meee" coming from the box, and have decided to save them to share with my family tommorow so that they can help me choose what will be going in my next box :) - photos/post to follow shortly.

Stay fabulous my little teapots -

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The very sad, but very real truth

Firstly, i would just like to point out that i am not blogging about this for sympathy, or to air my dirty laundry in public, as the saying goes - that really isn't my style. Im not going to go into massive detail, but this is something i have to write for my own sake, but aswell as that, i hope that if anybody is going through this or knows somebody going through it, then hopefully this might be of help.

Basically, i had been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years, he's in the army. He got posted to Gloucester in June, and i'd had enough of my hometown (Lancashire) so we both decided to move in together, so i left my life up North, my friends, my family, and we got a place here in Gloucester. We had always been so close, we had an unbreakable bond, or so i thought. When i moved, lots of stories came around how he had basically been cheating with lots of differant girls the whole time we had been together, i had girls messaging me, and i found lots of MSN conversations, pictures, emails, hotel bookings which all added up to - IM A MUG.

As if being cheated on isn't soul destroying enough, i lost who i was as a person. Im known for being strong, confident, and independant. But i turned into an insecure mess. I was convinced i could never do any better in life and that i NEEDED him. My girls noticed a massive differance in me, and found out to an extent what had been going on, they wanted to tell my mum because i refused to do so (i am ridiculously close to her) and said i would disown them if they did.

I was STUPID, and stayed here when i should of walked away, and everything took a turn for the worse. Things got out of control and violent. It's at this point that i won't go into alot of detail, but he was making my life hell, physically and emotionally. Last night, i was pushed to damn far, i looked at the phone and i knew who i had to ring - my mum. She was absolutely distraught, because i always put a brave face on around her, pretending i was happy even though i was dying inside, and she thought my bf was an angel because he was so differant around other people. She has been my rock through all of this, and has now made arrangements for all my stuff to be packed and collected on Wednesday, and i will be returning home aswell.

Telling my mum was the hardest thing i've ever had to do, and i also have to tell my new job tommorow (i was settling in so well) that i won't be coming back which is quite sad. I've had so much support from my friends and family, which makes me really lucky, but anybody who is reading this and going through something similar - PLEASE tell somebody the truth.

Im so sorry i have rambled on, i don't even know if it all makes sense but i had to get it out of my system. When i return home, it's going to take a long time, but im going to make sure i get back on my feet. I won't let a man BOY ruin my life. He simply isn't worth it. Yes im going to be a wreck to be fair, and im absolutely heart broken, but this pain WILL fade eventually, the pain of staying here was just getting worse.

I will be joining the gym aswell, not only to get fit, but it helps clear my mind when i work out. And having a wage entirely to myself, rather than spending it on a house/bills means i will be drowning myself in MAC, Chanel, clothes, shoes, jewellery - and copious amounts of alcohol. I really hope people understand how hard it was for me to write this, and WHY i wrote this post. It's been somewhat therapeutic.

We're only in March - i still have 9 months to make 2011 my year...

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Let me introduce myself...

It came to my attention, that apart from the picture in my post about Fredericks where i am so elegantly scoffing my face eating ice-cream, and my profile picture where i am supping cocktails, you fellow fabulous bloggers don't really know what i look like, or what my style is. So, i have just had a flick through my Facebook to find pictures that sum me up and kinda give you a glimpse of what is to come from the fashion side of my blog and OOTD's/OOTN's :)

#Eventually i will be blogging lots of photo's that i take just for you lovelies, FOTD and NOTD etc. - (i currently have 2 lost cameras, and a brand new iPhone 4 on the way after mine sadly died - rip)

But that aside, this is me - i love bright colours, floral prints, tea dresses, bangles, massive earrings, huge clutch bags, tan leather, golds, nudes, tan leather, big hair, make-up and all things that make me look slim har-har. I am 6ft tall (shout out to all you other tall divas) and bounce between the sizes UK 14-18, therefore making me plus size. People tell me im lucky being tall, because it 'balances me out and gives me proportion' - it took me a long time to come to terms with my height as i got older, but now i just throw a massive middle finger to any haters and strut my stuff in KILLER HEELS. Fuck what anybody else thinks, if you feel comfortable and your healthy, then to me - that's ALL that matters!

This is ME - Let me know what you think guys...

I guess i am very posey posey pout pout - but hey, who isn't? Let me know if you have any suggestions on what sort of clothes would suit my height/figure - i always love to read your comments, and hear your thoughts :) Stay fabulous!!!