Wednesday, 30 November 2011

G'Day Mate!

Just a quick one - BIG NEWS!

I mentioned in my last post that i was going to be jet-setting off to Australia in 2012. Well, after alot of thinking, tears, swearing, one emotional phone call and alot of advice later...


I was so scared. I kept thinking 'what if?' about a million and one things, and like most decisions in life i have to make, i just threw the towel in and thought 'fuck it!' Can't even explain how excited and happy i am for the future! I fly out on September 4th 2O12, and will be starting my travels off in Brisbane! Has anybody been there before?

Stay fabulous...

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Remember me?

Wow. Where do i start?

I was thinking about lots of things last night, and blogging popped into my head. I miss it so much, and i guess i just lost time to do it with everything that has been going on in life!

I guess a massive update is long overdue, i have so many post in mind for the near future.

I have just been flicking through some of my old favourite blogs, and it really cheered me up on what seemed to be a pretty shit day. I guess the first part of my update would be to start where i left off - so, where did i leave off exactly? Well, for those of you who follow my blog, you may remember back in March when i left my boyfriend and home in Gloucester to move back to Leyland after the relationship completely broke down (see here for recap). Reading that brings back alot of emotion, but in some ways it's nice to reflect and compare to how differantly i feel now. First of all, im happy, and despite all the tears and heartache, it turns out the sayings 'time is a healer' and 'things really do get better' are true.

I started dating in August after feeling it was time to be my fabulous, confident self again. It's been alot of fun, and i'll have to post about the new men i've met along the way and fill you all in on the gossip :) it will probably have a Bridget Jones-esque feel to it.

New York at Christmas isn't happening anymore because of a truly exciting new adventure - i'm going to Australia next summer to travel for a year :) :) :) again, this needs yet another post dedicating to it.

I celebrated my 21st Birthday in June, and did so in absolute style, this is probably the topic i am most excited to blog about (when you see the photos, you will understand why) I also went to Glastonbury and it was absolutely phenomenal, i can't wait to share all of this with you girlies!

Before i dash off to a girly night in, i just wanted to thank everyone for the support i received back in March/April, it was a really tough time for me and people on here aswell as my family and friends were amazing and got me through alot!

I hope you are all well, and i can't wait to catch up on everyones blogs and gossip!

As always, stay fabulous :)