Monday, 14 March 2011

Happy HYPE (Plus eBay Sale)

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo - just thought i would share my excitement with all you fabulous followers of mine, the sun is shining and i've woken up feeling ever so happy :)

I don't know why im feeling THIS happy, no particular reason, but thought i would try and capture the essence of it within a post whilst i was endlessly looking at crap online (as you do) Does anybody else do that? Just go into a trance, trawling through all your favourite online shops, blogs and random shizzle you find? Anyway, how was everybodies weekend? Fabulous i hope? At first, mine was looking like it was going to be dull (i was moping around in PJ's and my dressing gown feeling sorry for myself) i know, fail. But my girlies didn't give up on me, they showed up unannounced, and brought 2 of my favourite little people :) Kieron (aged 2) and Ella (5 months) who are my friends children, and they cheered me up so much!

I love how children are just so care-free, it's amazing, Kieron just ran around playing with everything he could and chasing my fat cat Kizzy haha, and me and Ella had cuddles on the sofa, i fed her her bottle and she fell asleep on me (blesssss) Later on, i was off to see one of my other girlies, we ate hot waffles with chocolate and toffee sauce AND ice cream, played Just Dance on the Wii - which is absolutely hilarious, if you've never played it then you NEED to, it is awesome!!! We gossiped, sat singing all our favourite songs with the company of her iPhone, and watched trashy comedy. The next day we did our usual routine of a lazy Sunday, pjs and more gossip :) minus the bacon butties this weekend, sob - however hot buttery toast and cold left over garlic bread with cheese is always a winner too, right?

I did a spot of baking on Friday aswell, and i think i have come to the conclusion that just because i love eating cupcakes, does not mean i am good at baking them. I mean, i say cupcakes, these were more like fairy cakes, and when it came to piping on my frosting, well the less said about that, the better! I think i will stick to making savoury meals from now on. Tonight i am making my infamous sticky sausage (Bratwurst) chicken and potatoes! Not to blow my own trumpet, but it's pretty fantastic :) you cut Bratwurst sausage up, raw chicken, part-boiled baby potatoes cut in half, wedges of onion and peppers. Then you make the most amazing sticky sauce ever, pour it over, whack it in the oven for about 45 minutes, and BOOM - taste sensation. Now, your thinking what goes into the amazing sticky sauce im raving about? As my mum says 'anything you find in your fridge/cupboard' not strictly true, but to a degree...the main things i use are mango chutney, sweet chilli sauce, honey, a dash of mustard, chilli flakes, black pepper, homemade chilli jam, dash of Worcester sauce, and sort of anything that fits the bill, but trust me it's immense - ok enough of me trying to make out im frigging Nigela!!!


Like, seriously (said in corny American accent) i CANNOT wait :) :) :) floral prints, denim shorts, Chanel sunnies, dirty wellies, crazy hair, sunkissed skin, frappuccinos, pretty sandals, maxi dresses, floaty dresses, BBQ's, Kopparberg, ice-cream, roadtrips, beer gardens, ahhhhh summer overload - TOO EXCITED!!!! I cannot believe im not going on holiday this year :( well, i haven't booked anything, and it isn't looking likely. Looking back, last year i was so lucky, i went to Germany 4 times (3 weekends in Paderborn and 1 in Dusseldorf) i went to London for a luxury week away, i went to Ibiza for a week, then 2 days after flying home from there i flew out to Egypt for another 2 weeks, plus i went to see Pink in concert, and Florence and the machine, and had a fabulous, trashy weekend at Haven in Scarborough, eeeh looking back it was amazing - can it be topped this year? I hope so!!!

(all pics from weloveit)

Okay, im becoming aware that i really am waffling - but it really is what i do best, i think im just writing down every thought that is popping into my head...oooh thinking of going to New York at the end of the year but i've heard it is FREEEEEEEEEEZING - has anybody been/lived there at that time of year? Is it really that bad?

Ooh, also thought i would inform you all - im STILL going to Glastonbury :) eeep excited! As most of you will of read i was going with my bf, which is obv now my ex, but im still going with all the other people i was supposed to be going with, which makes me happyhappyhappy!!! I need to pay the rest of my ticket off at the end of the month (£150) so i am currently selling my life on eBay to help me raise zee funds. Im selling my Vera Wang vase on there if anybody is interested? Bidding starts at £30 or buy it now £50, also selling a zorbing/sphering ticket for 2 (expires 11th of May 2011) for £50 can be used all around the UK - let me know if you would be interested? (Also you would be helping me go to Glasto which is even better) thinking of selling my Wii console, and clothes/shoes etc. Right, im going to stop waffling now and go and try to do something constructive with my day..

What are you all looking forward to this year? What sums up your summer?

Stay fabulous...


  1. You are just too lovely! I've been obsessing over your blog lately, it's a new favorite! Love it :) x

  2. Awwww thankyou hunny - this comment has made my day :) xxxx

  3. Yay, this post has got me SO excited for summer!

  4. duseldorf? seriously? can i just admit to you that ive seriously been obsessed with that city since the original willy wonka movie first came out and i watched it over and over <-----DORK!

    anyways....i dont think ive been more excited for summer than i am this year. im so looking forward to light dresses. sunglasses, eating brunch outside.

    im love love loving your blog laura. and i love your seriously.

  5. Hahaha aww thankyou darls, means alot :)

    Dusseldorf is an amazing place, if you ever go be sure to visit a cocktail bar called 'Mojitos' it's immense :) X

  6. Awwh what was it about the cupcakes that went wrong? I'm not the most skilled baker in the world but I find them quite easy, I think it's more about having the right recipe and the right equipment than any skill so don't give up yet! If you have any cupcake questions let me know! I've baked some more tonight, I might do another cupcake post but my blog is feeling very cupcake themed haha! xxx

  7. The fairy/cup cakes were quite good, but the stuff for on top, went tits up to be blatent. I made like a weird buttercream, how the hell i managed to cock that up i'll never know, icing sugar, butter and a few drops of water - dogs dinner sums it up nicely. I ended up adding cocoa powder in the end to thicken it up, but how do you make FROSTING? Is it the same as buttercream or...? X

  8. I think frosting is an american term for buttercream but I'm not sure.. For chocolate buttercream I use 150g softened butter but don't melt it, 250g icing sugar, 2tbsps of cocoa powder and just a drop of water if that helps :) That pipes onto 12 cupcakes nicely. I also find it much easier to do with it with an electric mixer rather than a wooden spoon xxx

  9. Ahhh thankyou i'll have to try that next time - what size nozzle do you use to pipe it on with though? xx

  10. Aww haha I love your excitement :) It's really refreshing!! Ahhh I'm so jelous your going into summer, I'm going into winter!! :( We hardly had a summer here too, the weather was very strange. And thats so good your still going on your trip :)