Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wooo i've got an interview ♥ (Plus WeightWatchers, Stretchmarks & Jeremy Kyle...)

Hello my fabulous followers - this is yet another hyper post, i don't know where all this excited energy is coming from, but im loving it and hope some of it rubs off on you, especially if you are having a crappy day!

Firstly, as the title says, WOOOOOO I'VE GOT AN INTERVIEW :) Not just any interview though, it's for the best nursery around, plus what makes it even better, is all my gorgeous girlies work there :) We all used to work together in a smaller nursery a while ago, and we were like a little family, but this is a WAY bigger nursery, which means i'd still have the closeness (is it just me, or does closeness not even look like a real word?) of seeing them, but we wouldn't get under each others feet all the time haha! I've only been back in my hometown a week today, and haven't worked for a week and a half and already i am bored!!! I hate not working, and when i see all the scum of Jeremy Kyle who refuse to get off their fat, crack ridden derriers, it really makes my blood boil (hence why i try not to watch that programme anymore) Just a quick one aswell whilst im on the subject, did anybody watch Jezza yesterday? Quite honestly the most appauling thing i've ever seen. Two young thugs, thinking it is completely fine to just go around in their day to day life, holding people at knife point, with machete knives, and threatening them to give them all their belongings and money that they have worked hard for so that they could sell them on and pay off THEIR drug debt. Ahhh, how do people like that exist in this world? It baffles me! Sorry for ranting over a bloody TV programme, but it really got me mad!

Anyway, back to good things - yeah, so i applied for the job that my girls had told me about, and they emailed me an application form back (you have never seen anyone print something out quicker to fill it in, i swear) My friend kindly came and picked it up for me to get it in the next morning. I then received an email that day inviting me to an interview this Friday - woooo! I am really nervous, but looking forward to it and hoping i get the job! Keep everything crossed for me girlies :)

In other news, my 2nd Graze box comes today - finally. They have emailed me three times since my first one, saying that they couldn't send me one because they were out of my favourite treats and i hadn't selected alot of choice, so i've had to choose things for my older brother instead (he's a health freak, who would happily eat rabbit food everyday) Speaking of rabbit food aswell, if i do get this job, the first thing i will be doing is joining my old gym - euurgh, i just got shivers down my spine just thinking about the gym! I seriously need to get fit, i intend to go 3/4 times a week for about and hour and a half/two hours each time, and to accompany this, i will be going back onto Weight Watchers *sigh* i joke, i am actually looking forward to it. I won't be attending the classes, as to be honest it would be a waste of money for myself, because my mum knows weightwatchers inside out and she's my little guru - i say guru, she's the devil on my shoulder..."Do you really NEED that piece of chocolate Laura?..Take the C off Chips, what have you got?...Fridge pickers wear big knickers" haha! Here's a few thinspiration/diet pictures i've just found...

(all photos from weloveit)
Also, and this is quite a big announcement for me to put on here, but i am looking at having (very soon) stretchmark removal 'surgery' - it isn't surgery per se, as it is only laser treatment, through The Harley Medical Group. I have just begun to get very faint ones at the top of my arms, which i despise, so want to get rid of those before they get any worse (especially for summer) i have some at the top, back of my thighs, again which i despise, and my most recent ones on my stomach which HAVE TO GO!!! I had some on my hips which i have had since i was about 13, from when i shot up so tall (im presuming it was that, because i was still thin back then haha) but over the years, they faded and i learnt to live with them. But since getting new ones, through stupidly yo-yo dieting constantly for years, i now want to do something about them. I have tried palmers cocoa butter, and bio-oil and looked into camouflage creams (but they are only temporary) and i have decided enough is enough. I want rid for good, i mean - Harley Medical state that it may only reduce them upto 75%, but i think it's worth it! When i asked my mum to come to the consultation with me, she wasn't too happy, she said i should just accept them or atleast wait until i've had kids - no way, im not planning on having kids for atleast another 8 years, i've got a life to live, and i don't see why i should have to suffer for 8 years, not being able to wear all the outfits and bikinis i want (i think i've talked her round) So i intend on having a consultation a.s.a.p and begin the laser treatment a.s.a.p aswell - hopefully so the course is complete for summer! Im also looking at working away in Ibiza next summer, so that is my ultimate goal to get my body back to a toned hourglass figure that i am comfortable with! Infact, im going to do something even more brave (that glass of water must of had something in it this morning) im going to post a picture (taking in my oh-so glamourous bathroom) of the figure i would like to get back to-ish...

(This was taken a year ago in February, i didn't have stretchmarks on my stomach then as you can see, i was on WeightWatchers and using my crosstrainer, and trying to get slim for Ibiza, if my stomach was more toned, i would be happy with this figure)

Since this picture, i would say i have piled on a good (well, make that bad) 2.5 stone? At a guess, which if im honest, disgusts me - so i am definately on a mission to get back to that, if not slimmer and alot more toned! Im not striving to be 'skinny' or 'thin' because that isn't me, and isn't my body shape. Im 6ft tall and broad, i will never be a matchstick - but i know what im aiming for, a realistic, toned but still curvy, slimmer figure. I'd just like to point out aswell, don't even bother with bitchy comments (this is aimed at people who may view my blog, this is not aimed at my followers) because, believe me - im your worst nightmare :) glad we cleared that up, anywaaay...

Ooh, just thought aswell - did anybody watch that programme with Lily Allen last night? From riches to rags...i absolutely loved it, i think she is so down to earth and normal 'I don't want to be like Madonna..She's crazy' ha, legend. Can't wait to watch it next week! Eeeeh im so sorry for waffling on (again) just having one of those days i guess. So yeah, may that picture be my thinspiration. I don't want to turn this into a diet blog, but i will keep you updated, and let you know how much i lose weekly (i will be weighing myself every Sunday morning) and when i have officially started the diet. I will also keep you updated with the laser surgery, and my interview!


Hope all you beautiful readers have an even more beautiful day,

Stay fabulous...


  1. Awww good luck with the interview hun, hope you manage to get the job!
    Eeeep at the laser removal of your stretch marks, I didn't even realise that was possible.xx

  2. Your figure is lovely in that pic! Good luck with the interview. xx

  3. Thankyou 'ScienceGeek' me too! Yeah, it's a new cosmetic procedure, The Harley Medical group have only just started doing it!

    Thankyou Zoe, just hope i can get back to it!


  4. I'm intrigued to know how much weight you've really put on.. but I am nosey! I've put on 2 stone in 18months which is not good :( I am trying to lose it for the summer but my cupcakes keep getting in the way haha!! xxx

  5. Hahaha, i think i've put on about a stone and a half to two stone in a year, me and my mum were trying to work it out before! Im determined to get fit and slim again though :) x

  6. I know all about the dreaded stretch mark! I hate them soooo so much, and after years of growing tall, yo-yo dieting and having 2 kids they've seriously taken their toll on me. Please PLEASE share some before and after shots of the laser procedure (as I've thought about having it done myself but just haven't got around to it! and maybe I'm a bit chicken too...)

  7. I will definately put pictures on, because the only honest, non-photoshopped ones i've seen are those from Harley Medicals website, but there is only about 3 people. I'd love to lose all the weight, and THEN have the laser surgery, but im too impatient to wait!

    Im abit chicken too haha, but i think it's gotten to a point where i want it that much, that the fear is starting to fade X

  8. Good luck sweetie. Do you moisturise and exfoliate? If yes, do it more. Like everyday, moisturise the hell of out your body, that'll help a lot. x hivennn

  9. Yeaaah, i use exfoliation gloves with sugar scrub and body butter afterwards, maybe don't do it EVERY day though - i get to lazy haha, worth a try though! x

  10. Good luck with your weight loss, I'm trying to lose a stone and a half and don't seem to be in the right frame of mind. Loves cupcakes tooo!!!