Saturday, 19 March 2011

Love for Louboutins ♥

I have been wanting a pair of 'classic' shoes recently, and i have decided after looking at Kurt Geiger, Manolos and Jimmy Choos, that the only route to take is the good ol' fashioned Christian Louboutins.

So this is the pair i have been lusting over - yes the pricetag is abit hefty, but don't they just ooze class and glamour?

I need these shoes.

I hope everybody is well, i had my first proper girly night for the first time since i've been back home last night - it was so much fun! We had a massive sing along, ate pizza, sweets and easter eggs (very premature, i know) and other various junk swished down with lots of rose wine, apple sourz, and i think there was some vodka involved? It's all a little hazy haha! Im at a friends house party tonight which will invole more copious amounts of alcohol - looking forward to it already!

Oooh i've just remembered, my interview. I was ment to tell you how it all went! Well firstly, i was told that the nursery is one of the best in Lancashire, but you have to see it to really believe it, it was insane. It was like a mansion, it was huge, along with all the acres of land they have which also includes (remember this is a childrens nursery) 4 donkeys, 100 free range cockerels and chickens (some are exotic) 4 goats, 4 rabbits and a massive gardening area where the children are taught and encouraged to grow fruit and vegetables, with a giant greenhouse! I was in awe! I have only known nurseries to have a pet goldfish or guinea pig (which to be fair, usually dies and you have to explain to the children how it went to 'goldfish heaven' etc) but yes, the place was insane.

I had to sit waiting in reception which had Mozart playing in the background, which did have a calming effect, because they were running 20 minutes late. When i had my interview though, it went really well, it couldn't of gone any better, and i have been invited back to a trial afternoon on Monday and i will hopefully find out then if i get the job - fingers crossed.

Hope your all having a great weekend whatever you're doing,

Stay fabulous...

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  1. Ohhh fingers crossed for you! That sounds like so much fun, girly nights are the best :) and I am also an early easter egg eater :)!