Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Back to the beginning...

Hello lovelies - those of you who have read my last post, will already know that im going through a pretty shitty time at the moment. Just to update you, i officially leave Gloucester, and will be returning back home to my family in Lancashire, tommorow. Im currently feeling every emotion ever created. To try and get me through this difficult time, i am trying to think of positives for the future, even the silliest smallest things like using a new make-up product, or going to Starbucks for the first time in ages - yes it sounds stupid, but it's getting me through the mind numbingly long days im experiencing.

So, to add to my 'positive' list - im going to ramble about some items i am going to treat myself to when i get my next wage. Just before i do that though, i would just love to thank all the lovely, kind people who commented on my last post. I wasn't sure how understanding people would be, as i was really upset when i actually wrote it - but everyone renewed my faith in the human kind, some comments even brought a tear to my eye, really though - thankyou :)

Right, positives. Im a total 'newbie' to all this blogging lark, but there is a clear theme when it comes to the type of blogs i follow - anything to do with make-up, fashion, hair, vintage, baking, cocktails etc. and a theme within these blogs, of what products are the best in the 'blogging market' - MAC, NARS, Lush, Chanel, & Benefit (and a few more inbetween) but apart from the odd bath bomb from Lush, Lipglosses from Chanel & eyeshadows from Benefit, i've never really owned/tried any products which is appauling!!!

When i read other blogs, and some of you have like 25 MAC lipsticks, 10 benefit face powders/primers, 15 Chanel foundations and a billion bottles of Models Own nail varnish, firstly i think 'jealous' and secondly - when the hell did it become acceptable to rob banks, somebody should have told me? Hahaha! You guys must spend a fortune on Make-up, now don't get me wrong i love make-up and have quite a collection myself, but usually my products would come from No 7, 17 at Boots, L'Oreal, Rimmel, Clinique and Avon.

Here are a few products i am already eyeing up from Lush -

I read a really good review (i can't remember whose blog it was otherwise i would include a link) on the Bubblegum lip scrub. Apparently not only does it leave your lips feeling super soft, but tastes amah-zing too :) The other items are Ocean salt sea scrub, Volcano foot mask, Cupcake facemask and Mrs Whippy bath bomb. I think i may end up organising a girly pamper night if i indulge in all of these Lush products :)

I also want to go on a ridiculously massive Primark haul - i haven't been in ages, and you know that feeling when it's like a brand new shop because of all the new stock you haven't yet pounced on, i cannot wait for that feeling!!! I will probably go to Evans, Topshop, New Look, Selfridges and lots of other shops and hopefully spoil myself rotten (since getting the house, i literally haven't been shopping *SULK*) so it will feel like all my birthdays come at once :) I might also take a cheeky visit to Krispy Kreme, and the Hard Rock Cafe for some fabulous cocktails.

What are your favourite products/shops/restaurants?

#PS - My Graze nibble box arrived today (Click here if your unsure what im talking about) It looks really yummy, i've been really good and ignored all the Smurf-like voices shouting "eat meee" coming from the box, and have decided to save them to share with my family tommorow so that they can help me choose what will be going in my next box :) - photos/post to follow shortly.

Stay fabulous my little teapots -


  1. I've just read what's happened - one, i'm so sorry. Two, his loss and three, it gets better I promise.
    I hope everything gets better for you, your family and friends are the best people to heal you, as well as time. If you ever need a random person to talk to I'll open my ears, I'm a pretty good listener.
    Keep smiling, and a Starbucks here and there never hurt no one.


  2. See, it's comments like that, that bring a tear to my eye :') how sweet of you, thankyou i really do appreciate it!!! X

  3. oo I love the lip scrubs, the bubblegum one works great but I prefer the smell (& taste) of the Lip Dip. I think it was only out at Christmas though :/

    Wishing you the best of luck with moving bb, I hope you find your feet. Retail therapy is definitely needed & I can't wait to see what you get :)

  4. Thanks for your comment and follow on my blog lovely. New follower of yours, you seem such a lovely girl. Sorry to hear what happened with your boyfriend, good luck in life things can only go up for you from here :)
    Hope you enjoy the shopping trip, nothing quite beats it, followed by a girly pamper night :D

  5. Oh no, that is absolutely terrible :( I have been in the same position as you, and as the other girls have said, his loss and it gets way better!!

    I hope everything works out for you :) the lush products look amazing btw!! I was definitely be following you, I only created my own blog today :)


  6. Thanks girls, i appreciate all your comments - it's so lovely that you take the time to read my words and actually comment :)

    Retail therapy is definately needed! I am back home now, i was greeted by all my family and it feels really good to be here!!!

    Here's a blogging cocktail toast, to a new start xxxxx

  7. i love lush products!! all their stuff look good enough to eat!!

  8. I have a lush lip scrub, I've forgotten what it's called but it's more vanillery - it's works and it's delish!
    Also, I get graze boxes too! I've been getting them for a month or so now, I think they are quite expensive for what they are but I still love them. I especially love the honey nuts, the black olives and the chocolate flapjack if you want some recommendations!! xx

  9. Me and my fam tucked into my first box yesterday - the honeycomb flapjack was immense, and the korean chilli crackers!!! Hated the milkshake mix though haha :( Post to come shortly..