Friday, 4 March 2011

Graze a.k.a FREE FOOD!!!

Yes, that's right. Free food. (I got excited too!!!)

Thanks to the lovely Stephanie at buttons, bows and brogues - I have just ordered my first free 'nibble box' from a fabulous looking company called Graze. I had never heard of them before reading Stephanie's post, but they are an all natural food company, who send you boxes of organic nibbly food on a weekly basis.

There is such a wide variety of choice, and you can control what goes in your box by rating all the foods, either 'binning' them, meaning you will never recieve them, 'liking' meaning you will receive them every now and again or 'loving' meaning you will receive them on a regular basis.

These are a few of my loves/likes :

#Honeycomb and chocolate flapjacks (don't they just sound the cats pyjamas?)
#Korean chilli rice crackers
#West country cheddar, red onion and chutney foccacia
#Sweet Goan curry crackers
#Cracking black peppercorn crackers

And there ALL organic and healthy? I was like WHERE do i sign up?

I will be recieving my first 'nibble box' (a box including 4 of my loves and likes) on Tuesday. To say im not excited, would be a lie. For this, i had to give my card details, and pay the grand hefty total of £1.74, and that is for my first free box and my second half price box (and then im planning on cancelling if im completely honest) UNLESS they really are little tastes of heaven, and i continue to recieve a nibble box every week for the full price of £3.49 (which if im honest, isn't all that bad) i mean, if im realistic, i am much better off spending it on healthy nibbles than, let's face it what - 3 shots of sambuca or a Mcdonalds calorie overload, right? Right. Yes. Exactly. Mmmm big macs...ANYWAY...

I just thought i would tell you about the card details malarky and the prices so that if by free you thought 100% FREE, then you already had an idea of what to expect if you were going to go and order your fabulous self a box.

To get your first FREE box, and second HALF PRICE box, just enter this code CK2ZT7P HERE

Hope your all well bloggers :)

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