Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?

Okay, so yes, this post title does come from a very famous bear who likes hunny, however i've been thinking about thinking. I have so many thoughts everyday, sometimes i feel like i need a break from my own mind.

I was just wondering - when and where is your "thinking time"? Mine is that moment between getting into bed at night, and actually falling asleep. I lie there and just think, reflecting on my day. Sometimes my thoughts keep me up when there's so many!!! Also, when im on public transport with my headphones in - the bus or the train...im always thinking!

My main thoughts of today where:

#1 - Woohoo i've been payed :)

#2 - The girl outside my bank in Gloucester town centre, she was strumming her guitar and singing - she has such balls.

#3 - Future posts, where i want my blog to end up, how i want it to be/sound/look

#4 - Starting a fitness regime

#5 - Men/relationships/love


What were YOUR thoughts today???

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