Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Her name was New York, New York...

Hello Angels - this is another high-spirited blog post from me today, feeling rather chirpy :) The sun is shining wooooo! That always puts a smile on my face.

Firstly i'll just waffle abit about my weekend. Basically, i've only just recovered haha i went to a pretty hectic house party on Saturday, where drinking games were involved. I have never done (and intend on never again doing) THAT many shots in my life, not even in Ibiza. It was insane. I crawled home with my friend at 8.30am Sunday morning (dirty stop-outs) and stayed in bed ALL day, the only thing that helped me to partially recover was the rest of my premature easter egg! I have now sworn off alcohol for atleast another week. Also, i had my trial afternoon at the amazing nursery i want to work at yesterday. It went really well but i STILL don't know if i've got the job :( im hoping to find out this week sometime, again, fingers crossed!
What did you get upto this weekend? Anything fun?

So, my post today is some exciting news (not that it's booked yet) but im looking at going to New York over Christmas and New Year for 10 days. Hoping to go on like the 23rd of Dec, have Christmas eve and day there, and come home the 2nd of Jan meaning i would be spending NYE in TIMES SQUARE BABY!!! Just wondering if anybody had been to NYC at this time of year, or at all? What are the best things to do/see? I have a few things in mind, Sex And The City tour, Helicopter tour, Rockfella centre, Ground Zero, Macy's/Bloomingdales, Liberty island, drink cocktails, eat cupcakes and PARTY!!! etc. It will be me and my best friend (who is a guy) we're both into the same sort of things - so suggestions please peeeps!

Oh, just realised i missed out the most important place of all i will be visiting, TIFFANYS ♥ ♥ ♥ and yes, i will attempt to re-create the infamous 'Breakfast At Tiffanys' scene, avec moi (à la croissant and coffee in hands) whilst lusting over diamonds and platinum. Sounds perfection. And no, saleswoman glaring at me through the window, i will not be giving a shit whilst doing this.

I literally cannot wait for it to be booked, i just really hope it happens. It is going to be abit pricey, and means i will only be able to have one holiday this year instead of a few, but heck, it will be worth it.

I saw these whilst browsing NYC related things, they look amazing.

The city that never sleeps.
Excitement is an understatement.

I will definately be visiting here.
(Cupcake bakery featured in SATC for those who aren't in the know)
Finally, a woman taller than me.
Anybody for a Cosmo?

Advice/Tips/Thoughts on New York? Get scribbling and let me know.

Stay Fabulous...


  1. Ahhhh, your so lucky, it is my dream to go to new york! Hope you have an amazing time babe!
    My media teacher has said we may be going next year as part of our course-i am VERY excited!x

  2. Hey I went to NYC with my college in Feb 2009! It's so so good! It's cold though! We did iceskating at the rockfella centre, ground zero, wall street, shopping at bloomingdales etc. Time square is AWESOME. Loved it there :) I'd definitely go again. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the really long flight and then we only stayed there 3 nights I think so i'd go for longer next time. xxx

  3. New york is amazing :) we went in summer when it was hot hot but raining at the same time! lol. so i think christmas is the better time to go :) go up the top of the rockefeller centre i think its cheaper to go it than the empire state! def go to forever 21 in times square..its maaaaasive!!! so many clothes. you don't have to do everything...walking the streets of ny is just amazing in itself :) congratulations on the job by the way!!!! :) xoxoox