Friday, 11 March 2011

My Graze nibble box

So, as most of you will have read, i recently ordered a nibble box from the natural food company Graze. I know to alot of people it's 'old news' but i had only just found out about it, and as they were doing the offer 'get your first box free, and second box half price' i thought why not give it a go?

When i logged onto the site, i thought 'i hope it's not all rabbit food' but there was alot of choice, with differant flavours and spices. I think the 'Bin, try, like, love' scheme is a good idea on products, however, i really wanted specific things in my box - so i adopted the tactic that if i 'binned' all the stuff i didn't want and 'loved' all the specific items i wanted in my box that i would get exactly what i wanted. Well, clever me, it worked :) you also get the option of clicking 'send this soon' however, on the fresher products, like olives, foccacia, and the flapjacks, this isn't always the option. The one thing i didn't get in my box that i wanted was my foccacia, which i was abit gutted about, but i got everything else:

(Apoligies about bad picture quality)

In my nibble box i had: # Sweet Goan Curry Crackers - these had a really nice texture, not too hard, and nicer for those who prefer a milder spiced taste (basically, if your the kinda chick that goes to a curry house and would only order a korma, these are for you)

# Honeycomb Flapjack - this was to die for, it was really syrupy and moist and even though it is 9.05am i am really craving it!!! The only dissapointment with this, was that im sure there were supposed to be little pieces of honeycomb on top - and there wasn't :( but yes, apart from that, i could happily inhale eat plenty more :)

# Korean Chilli Crackers - now im a girl who LOVES spice, so these for me were perfect (mother goose was also a fan) They had quite a kick for such a small cracker, but they were so addictive, the only bad thing about these, are that there wasn't enough haha! If you don't like chilli, these definately aren't for you, but if you like a small cracker that packs a punch - order these now :)

# Milkshake mix - the less said about this, the better. I had accidently put this in my 'try' list, instead of 'bin' so instead of foccacia, they sent me this disaster (*sulks*) The milkshake mix consisted of dried strawberries (which i can only compare to a lump of jam, you somehow found underneath your sofa) dried bananas, that wern't dry AT all. They were a cross between soggy and hard, i expected those sweet hard ones that i used to give my pet rabbit, but noooo, instead they gave me these little drops of hell. And just when i thought it was going to get better with ginormous 'white chocolate' buttons, i put something in my mouth that can only be described as vom-worthy. White chocolate? I don't think so Mr Graze, it was a cross between a spit up banana from a baby, and a mouldy yoghurt taste. Mmm - NOT.
(Bad picture quality AGAIN, but heres a closer look of my little nibbles)

Rant over about the MM, there may be people out there who love it, but as you can tell, it really wasn't for me. I think the concept on a whole though, having these little healthy snacks for you to graze on throughout the day, sent to either your workplace or home is a cracking idea. At £3.49 a box though, i do feel that they would have to be a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly treat, because to have them everyday on a 5 day working week, would amount to (yes i've done the maths, Carol Vordeman eat your heart out) £17.45, this every month would amount to £69.80 and based on a 48 week year (i've taken 4 weeks off for those who go and drink pina coladas on a hot beach) £837.60 - that is either one MASSIVE Primark haul or the Vivienne Westwood bag i have my beady eye on, and even from that i would still have change. So, unless you are feeling flush (in which case, i would like the VW handbag, a Chanel classic, and a Bentley/Range Rover, cheers) i would suggest just having them every now and again :)

(Demolished, well, all except the manky milkshake mix, how'd you like that for alliteration)

I also love the little booklets you get, the brown one was about the scientific side like blood sugars, and why grazing like cows is good for your body, and the white one (which had my name on, yes the small things impress me) had all the individual nutrition details for each little packet, which i thought was a really good idea, along with 3 perforated pieces of paper with your unique discount code on, and for everyone you give out that gets used, you get a £1 off your next box which i also thought was a good idea :)

So my little lemon drops, what are your thoughts on Graze? Have you ever had a nibble box yourself? Or maybe thinking about trying one?

My discount code is: CK2ZT7P - feel free to use it for your first free box and second half-price box

Stay fabulous...


  1. I have had 2 of these boxes now. The focaccia in my first was yummy and I had the flapjacks in my second which were to DIE for!

  2. Ahhhh i really want a focaccia but they haven't sent me one :( and wouldn't let me click 'send this soon' the flapjacks really are to DIEA for haha! xxx

  3. Ouch, I've been having graze boxes for nearly a year now and how much I must have spent on them is actually shocking! They are super yummy though, I love the flapjacks, vanilla seeds, jaffa cake, rocky road, lemon mirangue, sweet and sour nuts and chilli rice crackers. I hate dried fruit though!

  4. The jaffa cake one and lemon meringue do sound really good :) i hate dried fruit too :(

    Still dying to try the foccacia, but im guessing they've sold out 'cause it won't let me select 'send soon' on the website


  5. I tried the foccacia today and it was digusting! it was soggy bread, they must seal them while still warm, never do this with warm bread, so that was a no no, you do a brilliant review, i have now had 5 boxes but canceled today, only because i found a site that said how much fat contents are in the graze boxes, and i need to keep trim, i did like the lemon meringue ones but ewww the lemon flavoured sultantas. I did love the sweet goan curry crackers and the favourite i had was the honey peanuts with fennel seeds they were gorgeous! love how you worked out the cost per year, i prefer the handbag xx