Friday, 11 March 2011

Introducing my little (curvy) diva...

Hello cupcakes - i hope you are all well :)

I just thought i would do a quick post about my beloved little diva, believe it or not i am not the only one in my household, only this one comes in a smaller, fluffier form and has a tail. Yes, that's right i am talking about my little cat (i say little, we call her 'curvy' or 'plus-sized') We will have had her for 3 years this June, and my god, i have never met a cat with such personality - hence the nickname 'diva'

My family always say that she is me, in cat form, which i find hilarious (yet somehow agree) She struts around like she owns the place, only likes cuddles on her terms, huffs at people if they annoy her (LITERALLY) and always uses her claws if she's pissed off or feeling sly. She throws the funniest dirty looks i've ever seen from a cat, she growls, hisses and LOVES food (she also has a strange dressing gown fetish haha)

Anyway - i would like to introduce you to my gorgeous fat cat diva, Kizzy.

Gorgeous, isn't she? We recently bought her this scratch post, for her 'bitch fits' to stop her plucking my mothers exspensive furniture and new carpet. She loves it already, and i think she finds it therapeutic if im honest hahaha!!!

She also goes by the name(s) of - KizWoz, Fluffy knickers, KizWhizz, Kizzle wizzle with a curly wurly (yes, slightly over the top some might say, but my family are bonkers) Twizzle, Laughing girl, and my personal favourite 'Phsyco bitch of the North West' :)

Do any of you have any pets that have a hilarious personality? Or that you call ridiculous names?

Stay fabulous...



  1. Awww she is lovely! I have 5 cats, 4 of them are only young but the other is 14 and she is queen of dirty looks. If she's pissed off with you her face sure as hell lets you know about it haha.

  2. Hahaha, cats are funny little fur balls :) xx

  3. aww she is gorgeous.

    We have a ginger tom cat he is adorable. I love cats xx