Friday, 25 February 2011

My week in words, pictures and lyrics

Firstly, i would just like to say a MASSIVE thank-you and woo hoo to my new followers! Yes, it's only a handful but it's a start (hopefully one day i'll have hundreds if not thousands after blogging properly!) I really appreciate it, as hopefully it will start the ball rolling!

I hope to start blogging properly soon, doing make-up reviews, OOTD's and FOTD/N's :) and on a daily basis if i can fit it in! I've recently just moved down south after being a Northern monkey for most of my life, so im still adjusting to my new area, job and lifestyle!

What have I been listening to this week?

This week i've been listening to quite an ecletic mix of genres on my beloved iPhone!

Firstly - Examples album Won't Go Quietly. I adore the lyrical genius that is Elliot Gleave! My favourite songs from this album have to be Millionaires, Won't Go Quietly, Kickstarts, Two Lives and Watch The Sun Come Up. If you haven't listened to this album, then seriously, get it NOW!

My heart melts when i hear this song. The piano is just AMAZING.

Now, i don't know about aybody else, but i found this years Brit Awards a total letdown! The only good thing about it, was Adele's beautiful performance of her new song Someone Like You. So I have been listening to her debut album 19 and her current album 21 - both fantastic! I think Adele is stunning, and PROVES you don't have to be a size 6 to be gorgeous!!!

I had hoped you'd see my face, and that you'd be reminded that for me it isn't over


Another strong, powerful female who i idolise and love to listen to is the fabulous Nicki Minaj. She is like no other artist around, she is so unique, and a lyrical diva. I absolutely love her new song with Drake Moment For Life - I love her British accent as a fairy god mother...

But to live doesn't mean your alive

Weekly Rant #*!%*?

So, apparently, it is a known fact that i am abit of a drama queen, who is an impatient diva who needs a good moan every now and again, hard to believe i know!

Rant #1 - I have a VERY poorly thumb atm :( it is swollen and hurts like hell, along with this, i am going to do a "blogger first" for me and admit an embarrassing secret. I suck my thumb. Yes, there we are, i said it! And it just so happens to be my "sucking thumb" and im finding it very difficult to get to sleep, it's like my comfort blanket! So i am hoping it will get better very soon. I also have a poorly mouth (obv not having the best of luck this week hey?) so i've been finding it really hard to eat properly, and can't have spicy food which i love :( Basically to sum up - no sleep and not much food makes me a massive grumpy knickers!

Rant #2 - I really want these fabulous stocking-esque tights from House Of Holland however, as i am guessing they only come in teeny sizes and i am a size 16/18 and 5ft11 tall, i think it's a sure thing to say that unless i am planning on either wearing them as socks, only having them for ornamental purposes or having a fight and most likely losing Me 0 - 1 Tights, it's best they stay in the shop for the skinny people of this oh so fine world. *SOBS*
House Of Holland Suspender Tights £12


Hope all you beautiful bloggers are feeling fabulous today - Much Love xoxo


  1. Totally agree with you about Adele at the Brits-highlight by far! Cant stop watching her performance, haha:')
    +those HOH tights are amaaaazing, as if they dont do them in a range of sizes. They could of earned more money if they'd stocked up!
    Hope your thumbs feeling okay lovely!x

  2. I know - i have her on repeat atm! I love the tights, but a friend of mine who is really slim even has to tackle them to get them on, so i've no chance!! However - primark have done a copy of them and they do a range of sizes going up to L-XL so i'll be getting those asap :)

    My thumb is getting better thankyou, i had something called paronychia (totally gross) haha!

    Hope your well X