Saturday, 26 February 2011

We all scream for ICE CREAM

Aswell as being a complete cupcake fanatic - i also have a thing for ice cream and ice cream parlours :)

When i visited home (up north) last weekend, my best friend took me to our favourite place to get ice cream - Fredericks. Im not sure if there is more than one, i think there is but they are all based in the North West.

They do SO many flavours, i usually take about an hour just to decide what i even want!

Take a look at the above link to see all the flavours they do. I opted for a wafer oyster (filled with marshmallow *drool*) with marshmallow icecream and fudgerydoo mmm...

Mine & Becky's treat for the weekend!!!


# Next time i really want to try vimto flavour and ameretto :)


  1. Fredericks!! Me and my friends used to cycle along the canal to the one in Adlington when I lived back home. My favourite was a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of banana :)
    I've only just started my blog too xx

  2. I love it - it's amazing isn't it? :)

    Good luck with your blogging, i will become a follower - i really enjoy it so far!