Sunday, 6 February 2011

You had me at "Hello"...

Well, hello guys! Im brand new to all this blogging jazz - so i'll start with a little introduction...

My name is Laura, im 20 and im from a little place called Leyland however i now live in Gloucester.
I decided to create my own blog because i read so many fantastic ones everyday. My favourite types of blogs are ones about fashion, make-up and all things girly!

This blog is going to be about clothes, shoes, make-up, cocktails, cupcakes, fashion and all things that make me happy (however they're may be times were i need to have a complete soapbox rant)

My layout isn't upto scratch just yet, infact it's NOTHING like i want it to be, so experienced bloggers, please help me out and give me advice!!!

Future blogs to come, hopefully alot more exciting than this first attempt of an entry :)

Much Love xoxo


  1. Welcome, you'll be an addict in no time ha :) x

  2. Haha i already am ;) Thankyou for becoming a follower, i really appreciate it! I hope to have as many as you one day xox