Monday, 21 February 2011

Valentines - V is for Vera

I haven't done a post in a short while (even though i STILL don't have any followers, *diva strop*) however, it keeps me sane, and hopefully when i have followers, they will appreciate my posts :)

Anywho - this is a (slightly delayed) post about Valentines. Now, im not the biggest fan of the commercial "holiday", i despise all things cliché : A dozen red roses, chocolates, cuddly toys etc. All things of the variety that course me to vom. HOWEVER, when i recieve a beautiful Vera Wang vase for my new home, i can HARDLY complain now, can i?

I have yet to decide a place for the little beauty, but as my new dining room table has just arrived, it may be taking prized place there as my centre piece, filled with my favourite flowers - lillies. I will post a picture when i have decided :)     

I also recieved a beautiful dress, which i will feature in another post, and tickets to see one of my favourite Northerners - Peter Kay! I hope everybody had a lovely day, whatever you did <3 may the love be with you.

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